For patients or their parents who need to be explained in English.

Our clinic is pediatric dentistry. The director in our clinic has a special license for pediatric dentistry authorized by Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry. If your child have any concerns about the oral cavity, please consult our clinic or other near clinic to which the pediatric dentist belongs. (In Asa-minami ward, only our clinic, Ichinose pediatric dentistry and Niitani dentistry belong to the pediatric dentist.) In some cases, it can be difficult for general dentist to consult for pediatric dentistry.

Our busy hours are after 3 PM and especially crowed in Thursday afternoon and Saturday. It is recommendable to come to our clinic in the weekday morning.


For children’s safety, excepting in an emergency (Tooth trauma), our clinic basically requires a reservation only. We decline getting a reservation for who canceled without any notice more than twice. For such one, please confirm our availability by calling and come to our clinic. But, if our clinic is crowed, please come our clinic another day. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

※ “5 minutes late without any notice” is treated be canceled. So, please inform us when you late. But, if our clinic is crowed, there is a possible to ask you for getting a reservation to another day.

Note and Advice

We are sorry but we can’t speak fluent English. If you need be explained in fluent English, it is recommendable for you to go to Hiroshima University hospital. And also, for children with systemic illness or need a special treatment.

But please be informed that you are charged additional 3,300 yen with a fee of infant health insurance without not taking any letter of introduction from nearby doctor. We make a letter of introduction if you consult with us. Of course, please consult with us if you need getting a second opinion in University Hospital. However, for making a letter of introduction, we need conduct an examination. Without any examination, we can’t make any letter of introduction.